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Instructor Bob Schwenn

T-USA Program Director

Holding multiple black belts in the Korean Martial Arts, Instructor Bob Schwenn's main focus is overseeing each student's experience at T-USA from start to finish. With over 27 years of experience, including training as a student, teaching as an instructor, to directing all programming, Instructor Bob is dedicated to finding the best martial art education for each new student. Whether a parent inquires about the benefits of TaeKwonDo for a child or teenager; or an adult seeks out an exercise program to help balance everyday stresses, Instructor Bob makes himself available to offer his expert advice on how T-USA can meet their needs.

Parents often stop into Instructor Bob's office to share report cards, awards, or even concerns about their child's behavior at home or school. By offering this personal touch of communicating with our students and families at T-USA, Instructor Bob is able to ensure that the T-USA experience is maximized for each student and/or parent who walks through our doors.