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practice@Home Videos 1-10

Thank you T-USA’s Laureckas family for encouraging all of us to enjoy the @Home instruction videos:

“I want to let you know how appreciative I am of the Instruction@Home videos you have created. I feel that they are a great idea as we have to try and stay fit while we are isolating at home. I have incorporated some of the drills into my exercises. Please keep them coming. Looking forward to getting back soon when this is all over. Thank you.”

Robert Laureckas

Practice Video Viewing Tips

A Better Viewing Experience For The Videos Below Can Be Obtained By Following These Tips For Viewing On A Larger Screen Than Your Desktop Or Laptop:

-If you have a Google Chromecast device attached to your TV, or if your TV or soundbar has Chromecast built in, view these videos on the Google Chrome browser on your computer, you can then cast the screen to your TV through the Chromecast. Just locate the "cast" icon on your browser and follow the instructions. You can also use your phone or tablet to cast to your TV screen.

-If you have a Roku or Amazon Fire device attached to your TV, or if you have a Roku TV or Amazon Fire TV with Roku/Fire built in, download the YouTube app, then search for the YouTube channel "Hallow13Wicked". On that channel you will find the videos below, ready to be viewed on your TV screen.

Video-Basic Stretching Routines 

Video-At Home Warm Up

Video-Basic Stretching Routines Part 2

Practice@Home-Video 1

Training Part 1

Practice@Home-Video 2

Training-Part 2

Practice@Home-Video 3

Training-Part 3

Practice@Home-Video 4

Yellow Belt Techniques

Practice@Home-Video 5

White Belt Training

Practice @Home-Video 6

Orange Belt Training

Practice @Home-Video 7

Green Belt Instruction

Practice @Home-Video 8

Brown Belt Training

Practice @Home-Video 9

Orange Belt Training

Practice @Home-Video 10

Blue Belt Training